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Client: We definitely like the design, but we were wondering if you could provide us with a second version.

Me: Sure. What were you thinking?

Client: Take the same design you have now, but put the call to action in a speech bubble, as if it was coming from the talent. But! Make sure that…

It's All In Your Head: Having trouble falling asleep?


[a rebloggable post of past advice from followers] 


On the computer 

F. lux  creates a lovely warm glow between sundown and sunup that is supposed to not mess with your sleep cycle the way a normal screen will.

- Listen to calming music 

Rainymood.com  or  SimplyNoise.com [just a note for rainymood the background is a looped video of rain on a window so warning in case you get dizzy from mild flashing lights or movement]

- watch tv shows or listen to podcasts that are non-triggering. Simply hearing a familiar voice or seeing familiar faces can help

- chat/skype with a friend. Talk about what is on your mind.


In your room

- put a nightlight in your room or leave a lamp on

- build yourself a nest of pillows, blankets, and/or stuffed animals



- Melatonin, a sleep supplement, is available for purchase in most health food and drug stores without a prescription

- sedative herbs like valerian root (can be found in teas but is also available in “herbal supplements”)

- Celestial Seasonings teas makes a “sleepytime” tea which is great if you need to relax or go to sleep



- Make a list of what is worrying you and place it somewhere so you will find it the following morning

- Take a warm bath or shower and scrub yourself clean

- Get a little food in your stomach

- Count backwards from 1000 by 7s

- If you have been unable to sleep for longer than 30 minutes-1hr get out of bed and do something until you feel tired again. 

-Wake up at the same time everyday to reset your sleep-wake cycle 

-Avoid doing anything else in bed apart from sleeping or sex. Try to do activities like work, eating and watching tv outside of bed.

- Try Progressive tension/relaxation [progressive muscle relaxation]


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365 Lettering


self-initiated project by Noel Shiveley, a letterer from California. Noel decided to combine his lettering skills and passion for photography to create a new design every day, for a year. You can follow his progress on Instagram.


Ain’t it fun!!

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